What Do Men Look For In A Woman?

Relationship advice for women

There are certain things a good man looks for in a woman to make him feel that she’s ‘the one’.

A lot on the wish list are things that we ladies would desire from our man. But then there are desires that are very different psychologically and biologically, from the male perspective.

Here are 14 things a quality man looks for in a woman.

1.Kindness,loving nature.

A good heart, kindness and compassion is a wonderful quality in any human and in a woman. These qualities are really important because it impacts almost everything else.

A woman with this quality is more likely to be more accepting, understanding and work with her man even in bad times.


Men want a confident woman that believes in herself.

Belief in yourself is an attractive quality. You need to know yourself and stand for what you believe in.

Real men do not want a woman that’s a pushover.


A quality man wants a woman that is smart and can stimulate his brain as well as everything else!

A smart woman would improve his quality of life and be a good partner for him to move his life forward.

A smart woman can provide stimulating conversations and great ideas.

4.Honesty and Trust

Of course this is very important. A relationship without trust and honesty is a weak one.

He needs to feel confident in you .

He needs to feel secure in your relationship. Trust is a solid building foundation for any relationship and lack of it is the reason many  fall apart.

5.Good sex life  

An obvious one! This is of course very important for both sexes.

This includes a woman being comfortable in her own skin. 

How you feel about yourself translates into how you interact with him intimately.

He also wants to feel desired and wanted. He wants excitement and to feel free to be himself. 


Men want a good communicator-being able to express yourself and be a good listener. Explain your needs clearly, don’t attack or quarrel. Putting your wants and needs out to him clearly makes communication  flow easily and freely. 

 Your listening ability(really listening!) and understanding, is such a valuable asset to a man. Remember men don’t  talk a lot about their emotions and personal issues with outsiders, friends etc, the way woman do. So you being able to listen to him, hear him and understand his needs is a big thing for him. 


A man wants to feel that his woman has his back.

He wants you to encourage him in whatever he is pursuing. He wants you to be his best friend and cheerleader. 

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8.Make an effort on your appearance/Stay sexy

He wants you to keep making an effort on how you look. He doesn’t want you to let yourself go after he commits.

Your man still needs you to be a bit of eye candy for him.

Men notice good hair, fitness, good dress sense and appreciate you making an effort for him, and yourself.


This is a big thing for the fellas!

Men have ego more than women. Even when you’re upset talk to your guy with respect. Do not embarrass him in public or in front of his friends if you want him to stick around! 

It has been said that men value respect even more than love and see respect  as an expression of love.

10.Loving attention. 

Giving him kisses, hugs, physical affection. Who doesn’t love affection?! This is one of the major ways to keep your relationship happy and alive. It deepens the bond between the two of you.

We ladies love it too, so give as you’d like to receive. 

11.Reliable and dependable

He needs to feel that you will be there for him, not just when things are good but in hard times too. He needs to feel he can bank on you.

12.Strong and independent.

He wants you to have your own life.  Men have a strong desire  to feel useful and needed but he also wants you to have a life of your own. 

This will mean you will not be an emotional drain for him.  It also means that he will have his space to do his own ‘man’ things eg hobbies.

He also wants you to be a strong woman that can think and make decisions for yourself. He is happy to be there for you but he needs you to be able to handle decisions and situations on your own.

Men can’t handle emotional drama like women can. So a strong independent woman  means less drain on him mentally and emotionally.

13.Easy going, fun to be with.

Nobody wants to spend time with an uptight and overly serious person.

Your man wants fun, humour and an easy going outlook from you. 

No drama queens!


Men want a woman that is keen to improve herself and her life, as well as support him in his growth.

This means growth for you both as you work as a team.

A woman that does not want to better herself or support her man will hold him back and that’s not appealing.

So that’s 14 of the things quality men look for in a woman to make him feel like she’s the one. 

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