Talk Dirty To Him.

Ahh, dirty talking!

So seductive. So flirty. So playful. So raunchy. So erotic. Anything you want it to be!

Men love dirty talk.

Have you thought about trying it out but don’t know how?

Dirty talking is a delicate art.

It can be a hint, suggestive, 


explicit, erotic, but it’s got to feel right to you and your lover.

Talking dirty to your man is a way to heighten his arousal and deepen his sexual satisfaction and connection with you.

Dirty talking does a lot for you too.

It can make you feel super sexy and powerful.

Many women want to talk dirty but don’t know where to begin. Some of us feel shy or are afraid of just saying the ‘wrong things’

The balance is in  expressing your desires comfortably,  making him feel desired and adored, without killing the vibes by doing it wrong.

You  should  feel what you are saying…this is a whole lot more sexy than sounding like you’re reading from a script.

It should feel genuine.

Your words should sound and feel genuine to him.

So use your genuine desires and fantasies as a way to deliver your dirty lines.

Feel and imagine what you are saying to him.

Describe your desires and fantasies to him.

Simply telling your partner how you’re enjoying what he’s doing is sexy…build on that.

Let him know when he’s getting you hot and hitting your spot. Tell him the things you’ll like to do to him.

It really helps to know what your partner likes and doesn’t like, so this is great for long term relationships that need spicing up.

Have flirty conversations with your love before to find out his likes, and express yours.

Get to know their favourite words and less favourable ones too! This way you feel more confident in what to say, and how.

If you’re super shy to talk about it initially, start with some light, flirty or playful words and see his response-then build from there.

Find ways to make yourself feel more sexy too , this helps you get into the right mindset. Have a romantic bath, soft lighting, dress in sexy underwear, smell good for example use perfume lightly.

Give yourself time to unwind before you share intimate time.

If your sex life has become a little mundane dirty talking is one skill worth building, that will bring back the fire.

Dirty talk is not just for the bedroom either. Use it to flirt with him during the day.

Whisper seductive ideas in his ear as you pass him by in the house.

Send a rude text.

Begin heating things up before you get to the main course.

Be fun and playful or damn right dirty..

Make him eager and excited to get his hands on you.

You’ll be surprised at the power of a few naughty words !

Start taking things to the next level, get him

 obsessed with you.

Learn how to drive him wild now.

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