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Below are some of the services I provide.

If you’re looking to get clear on your strategy and get results with your Pinterest marketing ,blogging or business, read on.

Services provided:

*New Pinterest Business Account set up

*Pinterest full account audit.

*Board set up, title and keywords for description.

*Board covers creation.

*Keyword research.

*Pin design.

*Quotes package

*Pinterest strategy.

*Blog audit for bloggers.

*Content planning for bloggers.*

* Plus structure guide for each post ( how to structure and what exactly to include for better ranking).

*Blogging content strategy.

*Strategy calls.

*1:1 coaching

and more..just ask!

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If you’ve been pinning consistently for more than 6 months and not seeing any growth with your account you may need to take a look at your account set up( your profile, board names and descriptions) and pinning strategy.

How is your account set up?-You should have a business account to make full use of great features.

Have you optimised your profile?

Are you using keywords in your pins/pin titles and descriptions/boards?

Are your boards set up correctly with the right board names and keywords in board description.

Do you have the right keywords for your target audience.

What content are you pinning and how often?

Is your pinning consistent?

Are you pinning quality pins.

Are you pinning the right type of  pins for your niche or board?

You should be focusing your pinning efforts on your account not group boards. Some group boards due to their unspecific nature and spammy content can actually hurt your account.

Also it is now preferred by Pinterest that you upload or schedule your pins inside the Pinterest platform. This gives your pins better reach.

How are you using Pinterest?

Are you using Pinterest for blogging, ecommerce, affiliate marketing etc? You need to factor in the types of content and links you are using.

Simply using affiliate links as an affiliate marketer in all your pins is not a good idea as it can make your account look spammy to Pinterest.

Pinterest with blogging.

If you are using Pinterest with blogging, you should have your content already prepared and ready to link to(if not, don’t panic, I can help you with blog content planning). You can use a mixture of links to your blog posts/landing pages and raw affiliate links to products you are promoting.

Pinterest with ecommerce.

If you’re using Pinterest for ecommerce you should not only be pinning your product images. 

Pin a mixture of products, products in use, quotes, humour, memes, interesting pins, trending topics that are relevant, not just product images (boring!).

You need a strategy for each.

As you can see there are many factors that come together to help your Pinterest account grow and business flourish.

If you would like some help with looking over what you are currently doing and with planning for success, I offer a number of services including Pinterest strategy.


New Business account set up.

If you’re serious about using Pinterest to grow your business you absolutely need a Business (instead of Personal) Pinterest account.

This gives many advantages and will allow you to use analytics to see how your account is performing.

What’s included:

-New Pinterest Business account set up.

-Claim your website if you have one.

-Rich pin validation for your site if applicable.

-Create an SEO optimised profile.

-Create up to 15 SEO optimised boards.

-Follow up to 20 relevant pinners or boards relevant to your niche.

-Create a keywords bank for you to use in your future pins, board names and descriptions, pins ,pin titles and descriptions, as is relevant to your niche or content.

-Advice on how to move forward for growth .


A full account audit where I look at your Pinterest account and prepare a tailor made prescription for your Pinterest account growth. I’ll also tell you what to stop doing, where there are issues hurting your account.

I will research your niche and give you specific list of keywords you should be including in your profile, boards, pins and pin descriptions as is relevant to your niche and topics.

Let me know if you have any specific concerns , I’ll be happy to look over that for you.

What’s included:

-SEO optimising your profile.
-SEO optimising your current boards.
-Create up to 10 new SEO optimised boards as needed.
-Follow up to 15 relevant accounts or boards as needed.

-You will also get a full list of keywords to keep and use later for new pins/board. This is a keyword bank that will remove the need for you to do keyword research each time you create a new pin or new board. This is invaluable and very time-saving .You can also add any you choose to your profile, boards and pins, and description as is relevant to you.

BRANDED BOARD COVERS. Up to 10 board covers. $120/£100

Branded board covers give your account an aesthetically pleasing look. Your account looks more coordinated and professional which draws more people in.

Once you’ve decided on the names of your boards I can create a custom look for them.

PIN DESIGN-10 PINS $100/£80

Quality pins that get clicks.

I offer quality pin design , with stock images or with images you supply me.

Different types of pins(eg images, colours, fonts ,text overlay or no text overlay)  perform differently on different niches.

I will research your niche to see the types of pins that perform well and create custom pins for you.

(Price is for images only, no uploading ,scheduling or pin title/description supplied).


Quotes are very popular on Pinterest.
Inspirational, motivational, mindset, self improvement, love, and dirty quotes all do very well.
A package of 30 or 60 quotes(pins) or even 90 quotes per month should get eye balls on your business.

Monthly quotes packages.
Quotes packages are 30 pins per month or 60 pins per month.
30 quotes package £250
60 quotes package £400
You can provide me with your quotes or I can source /create quotes for you.
I can also schedule the quotes for you on Pinterest scheduler for an extra £100/200 per month. This will include posting to the right board/s and providing title and keywords to get your pins seen

Contact me for special requests.

Let me know any specific concerns or request you have.

Contact me with the contact form above or below ,to see how I can help you grow on Pinterest, with your blog or business.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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