Positive Affirmations For Self Love and Self Esteem.

Positive affirmations are statements you repeat to yourself daily , or write down, to help you manifest your desired goal/s.

These positive affirmations concentrate on building self love and self esteem.

Practice your affirmations daily by writing them down in a journal or book over and over a number of times, or saying them aloud to yourself aloud, in the mirror or in your head.

Start by choosing a few affirmations, start with two or three, that resonate with you and practice saying them everyday in the morning or at a time when you have a few quite moments.

Focus on the words you are saying and feel the emotions of the words as you say them. Believe in the words you are saying.

I am love.

Love flows from you, and to you, freely.

Share it generously.

I am loved.
I am loveable.
You are indeed!
My life is full of purpose and passion.

Your life has purpose. You will find your passion and live it!

I am unique in my own beautiful way.

There’s no one else in the whole world quite like you. That’s pretty special!

I am a special edition. I compare myself to no one else but me.
I love myself deeply.

A very important foundation. Loving yourself also shows others how to treat you.

I love and accept myself.
I am peaceful and whole.
My future is bright and happy.

Build a life you love.

I have everything I need within me.

You really do…you will discover this.

I am growing daily and I am going at my own pace.

Give yourself time and patience to grow. Enjoy the journey.

I am filled with positive energy.

Everywhere you go you spread positivity.

I am an achiever.

Use these affirmations daily with intent , be consistent and patient.. Trust the process and you will start to see positive changes in no time!

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