Passionate Love Quotes.

Sometimes that special person comes along that ignites the fire in your soul. They put back the joy in your heart and the sparks in your life.

Passionate love quotes are a wonderful way to celebrate and ponder on that special gift.

Don’t keep the feelings to yourself , let your lover know how wonderful they make your life. Read these poems and quotes together and fan the flames of love.


Original quotes and poems by Bobi N….enjoy!

1.Don’t ever stop kissing me like you do.

2.-Breathless, is how you leave me.

3. Lock your lips with mine

let’s melt into each other

Breathing each other’s breath

’til we feel like we’re one.

4. My body longs for you

the heat of desire burns within me 

But I’ll hold out a few more days 

and I’ll melt into your arms.


5. You’ve put a fire in me 

so intense

That even if it’s only for a moment

I’m grateful for this feeling.


6. Since I met you my love

All the colours in my life

Seem so much more vivid.

7. My tummy is filled with honey

My heart with flowers in bloom

My mind with thoughts of you only

My soul with  light of moon . 

8. This fire is consuming me,

I pray I don’t combust.

9. Kiss me, hold me

Look into my eyes,

melt slowly into me

whisper sweet nothings 

as hot beads of passion

drip from your body onto mine.



10. Magic is me in your arms as dawn breaks.

11. Never have I said “Do whatever you want Lover”

Never have I understood complete surrender

Then you walked in

And now I know.

12. The days to you are too long

Nights together, too short

When lover and I are together

Sun rises too soon.

13. Kiss me , hold me through the night

The best days begin with me in your arms

Seeing in the rising sun, together.

14. Let me love you.

In return, give me  as little or 

as much as you wish…

I’ll accept whichever..

But please..

Let me love you.

15.You are both the cause
and the cure
For this raging heat within me
Only you can control it.

16. If I turn to ashes my love…

it’s because of the fire you’ve put in me.

17.f I could bottle up this feeling,

I’d call it “Intoxication.”

18.”Tell me what you want lover,

I’ll do anything for you.”

19.”Dreamy Eyes, Come lay with me.

20.I wish I could freeze this moment for ever.

21.Bring your body here Lover
Let me caress you with gentle touch
Rub you down with my affection
Tonight there’ll be no rush.

Bring your body here Lover
I’ll cover it with kiss after kiss
Pay it my fullest attention
No inch will I miss

Bring that body here Lover
Let every part feel my lips
Then I’ll caress every crevice
with slow finger tips

Come on over here Lover
Tonight you will be.
Fully satisfied
With your love fantasy.

22.”Thank you” he whispered

No lover..Thank YOU!

Hope you enjoyed these poems

Remember, LIVE passionately, LOVE passionately.

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