Mars Men, Venus Women.

Understanding the differences in male and female psychology.

 ‘Men are from Mars, women are from Venus’

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. It’s a saying from the title of a well known book.

Men and women are certainly  different.

There are big biological and psychological differences between men and women-.more than most of us realise.

Some of us are lucky enough to just find that one that is perfect for us.-most of us aren’t though and have to go through a lot of heartache and disappointment.

So maybe an education in understanding the opposite sex might just improve our chances at relationship happiness.

Gender Roles and Pressures

Guys and  girls certainly have different opinions over certain things and often give the other a hard time.

-A lot of that comes from not understanding these different psychological and biological differences, and the PRESSURES and expectations that life places on the different genders…

….to play and fulfil certain roles

….to look or be a particular way

etc, etc.

So that means that both sexes are experiencing life from very  different standpoints.

Goals and  Fulfilment

Most women want to be loved, cherished and feel protected.

 Even driven high-flying career women  feel more fulfilled when they have found their ideal partner and settled into a family.

The man’s position in life is different. Not that he doesn’t value these same things ,he does, but in a different way.

First, he has a psychological need and drive to be the protector and provider….


his biological drives are very different to the woman’s.

These differences in drive, mean that the priorities of  women and men are very  different.

Not understanding these differences leads to relationship conflicts, clashes and breakups.

Understanding is the key

Seeing the world from your partner’s standpoint  helps you to understand THEIR pressures, drives and goals and why they behave in certain ways.

Men and women have different emotional needs.

Most women don’t understand how the male mind works ,their deep desires and driving forces, that makes them act so different from us. This can make relationships really confusing Like .sometimes we think we’re doing everything right but from the man’s point of view, it’s not so..

At times everything seems to be going so well, and then all of a sudden, it’s not! 


What happened? 

You try to make sense of things.

How did our ‘wonderful’ relationship all of a sudden go bad? 

We are giving the man what we think he wants, based on what we want, but his needs are actually very different.

Understanding the differences in male and female psychology and biology holds the key to more successful relationships..  

To improve our chances in love we need to take the time and effort to really delve into the male psyche.

Most worthwhile goals in life require that bit of effort….love is no different.

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