Making Love Quotes.

Let’s make love, quotes.

Making love quotes, to get you in the mood.

-My body speaks a language only yours understands.

-This feeling you’re giving me
Is driving me insane
If I give in to it
Will I ever be the same?
Will I find my way back
from my trip to the stars?
Will I get lost in Jupiter or Mars?
Ok, I’ll surrender to this feeling,no blame
If when you are through
I don’t remember my name.

-Let’s make love under the night sky

You leave me speechless

-Kiss me…and take my breath away.

I want to ravage you tonight

-Look deep in my eyes while you

go deeper into my soul.

I want you in the most savage way

-You touch places in me

I never knew were there

Whisper those dirty words in my ear

-Kiss my lips, my neck ,then work your way down slowly.

Don’t stop til I lose control.

-I want your face in places it’s never been

-I’ve got loving on my mind , and it’s not the innocent kind

-You’re my dream lover.

Dreams come true

-That look in your eyes..

makes me want to give you all of me..

-I just wanna blow your mind.

-Longing for your touch.

..that feeling that

I need so much.

-When you kiss me, touch me, caress me…

My soul visits

the stars.

-Let’s visit ecstasy together.

Take my love

as the moon

and stars

gaze on.

-Taste my love

Talk dirty to me

You’re hot
You hit the spot
Selfish amateur
You are not

I need me a drummer
to make my heart pound.
A gentle guitarist
to delicately tease my strings.
A saxophonist with the appeal.
Press your lips so, so softly onto mine.
A pleasing pianist , expert fingers hovering over my waiting keys.
A flirty flautist to blow me away ever ,so, slowly.
You’re my multi-talented musician.
Come let’s make sweet melodies together.

I wish I could freeze this moment for ever.

Dreamy Eyes, come lay with me.

“Devour me.”

You are both the cause, and the cure for this raging heat within me.

I’m in the mood, let’s play. I’ll do whatever you say.

Blowing YOUR mind is on MY mind.

“Don’t stop!”

I just wanna love you and be your slut.

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“I just want you to be happy, and NAKED!”

“Spank me.”


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