Love Poems From The Heart.

Love poems for the one that sets your heart on fire.

Original love poems by Bobi N.

Hope you enjoy them.


Smile for me lover.

When you do the sun come out

It warms my heart and

soothes my mind

My worries drift so far away

I bask in its warmth

Lover, smile for me.


Your smile is like..

Lying on a white sandy beach

Warm rays on my skin

Sea waves washing gently onto the shore

Birds singing nearby

As the cooling breeze ruffles the leafy trees

Your smile is huhhh…


I wanted to to sail

Feel the breeze in my hair

So I boarded my boat

Let the wind take me anywhere

It carried me to you

An island lush and vibrant

Birds chirped, trees swayed

I love it here

Think I’ll stay a while  


passionate love poem

Lock your lips with mine

Let’s melt into each other

Breathing each others’ breath

‘Til  we feel like we’re one


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The days to you seem so long

Nights together too short

When lover and I are together

Sun rises too soon


I’ve felt happiness before

I’ve had joy in my heart

I’ve smiled and danced with glee

But knowing you has turned up

each one’s intensity.


Let’s have a picnic under the

stars and moon.

I’ll nibble on you, and you on me.

You’ll sip my love and I yours.

Together we’ll feast on ecstasy.


As moonlight falls on your face

I’ll pull you into my bosom

Rest your head on my breast

Be wrapped in love and tenderness

Worries are a million miles away

Let’s stay in this moment forever.


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My favourite memories of us 

have been encapsulated in my mind

Forever fresh capsules…

Resistant to time, change, anger or disappointment.

Resistant to wear or distortion.

These capsules are the dose

that uplift my heart and bring me elation.

My own self made Prozac. 


My love for you is like the ocean….

deep and bottomless.

Sometimes calm and content,

sometimes raging with passion

Come rest on it’s beach

and let these waves submerse you.


Where is my love?

Does he not know the vastness of my love

Does he not know my sentiments for him?

What keeps you from me?

Come back to me

and let me drench you in my affections.


Where is my love?

Would my love be so cruel to leave me in the dark?

Does he not know the depths of my affection?

Is he blind to the joy he brings me?

I have an ocean of love awaiting his return.


Should love fade away

Don’t mourn that it is no longer-

Celebrate that it ever was.

While love remains,

Celebrate it everyday..


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