How To Prepare For Your First Date

First Date Jitters?

 Going on your first date can be nerve-wracking but remember there’s only one you, you’re unique and special.

Be conscience that you are not being too needy of finding a partner. This will come across and is not attractive. Besides your single life should be good enough so that you are not desperate for a partner.

Being too eager can also make you vulnerable to partners that don’t deserve you.

Love yourself for the person that you are and BE that person. Don’t try to be anybody else but you. You are not going to try to impress him you are going to learn more about him , and have fun.

Embrace your unique personality and quirks. The right person for you will accept you just as you are.

Don’t forget if you’re feeling nervous, your date is probably feeling the same, so you’re on level playing ground:)!

You can’t force anything, and shouldn’t try to!

Forget any previous bad dates and go in with a positive attitude. This is a fresh new story.

Remember you don’t have to have EVERYTHING in common with your date to be a good match. Having some differences actually makes things interesting too. You just need to be open minded and willing to learn about the other person.

Here are a few more tips to help you prepare:


Dress like you made some effort ,wear clothes that flatter your body type.

Wear light flattering make-up to bring out your best features girl! (Studies show men prefer light or natural-looking make up).

Think about a few things you might like to talk about on the day.

Be light and fun, leave out the doom and gloom.

Remember to ask him questions about himself.

On the date, actually listen to what he is saying. Be interested

Show your interest by making eye contact, nodding, leaning in towards him.


Don’t text too much before meeting. Leave the convo for the date.

Don’t overdo the make-up.(Less is more!). Too much make-up is actually not attractive.

Don’t dress too scanty if you want to be taken seriously. You can be sexy AND classy, leave something to the imagination!

Don’t talk about yourself non-stop, let him get some words in too!

Don’t talk extensively about bad experiences-keep it light and fun! 

Don’t talk about your Exes.(talking about your ex/’s is not helpful to either of you).

Touch on it if it comes up naturally in conversation but don’t go heavy on talking about the EX.

Remember mystery is attractive so don’t give up your whole life-history on the first meeting- touch on things but hold back some info for another time.

For example, ‘…that was a great time in my life but we’ll leave that story for another day’.

So that’s a few tips for your fun date.

To make more sense of dating and relationship dynamics – Get more tips here.

Don’t forget to smile. It’s not an interview, you’re just meeting and chatting with another human.

 Be open, if you’re really nervous you can even break the ice by saying so, and asking for prior forgiveness for any resulting clumsiness 🙂

Have fun, this could be the start of something great…and if it isn’t, you get to try again…’til you get what you want, and deserve.

Don’t forget to enjoy your life and doing your own thing  ’til then.

Cheers to you!

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