How To Practice Self Love


Self love is accepting, embracing and appreciating yourself.

It means accepting yourself for who you are.

It is being aware of your own needs for happiness and well-being.

It means not compromising who you are, or your values, just to please others.

It is not allowing others opinions to pull you down.

It is being aware of, and paying attention to your own  physical, emotional, mental, spiritual needs .

It is avoiding certain things that add nothing to your life, but drain your happiness or peace eg negative people, situations.


To practice self love we need to form good habits.

This means thinking of, and addressing ourselves in a kind and positive way. As we grow up we are taught to be modest and play our strengths down.

Modesty and humility are good qualities but we must be careful not to go too far the other way.

1.Celebrate yourself.

Many women are not good at accepting compliments and will even put themselves down to divert it.

But really, we need to appreciate and celebrate our gifts and talents.

If you have a  gift or attractive feature, eg you’re good at cooking, you are a good artist, you have a nice smile, you have lovely hair…appreciate it, enjoy it, celebrate it!

Next time you are paid a compliment, accept it gratefully. You can return the compliment if you feel to.

2.Eat well, rest ,exercise, make time for yourself, get good sleep.

Practicing self love means looking after ourselves. Nourish your body with healthy foods, exercise, make time to do the things you enjoy, take breaks from work and get enough sleep.

3.Read self love affirmations.

We must also nourish our mind by feeding it positive thoughts affirmations. These are positive words and sentences you tell yourself regularly to stay positive, strong and happy.

4.List all the things you like about yourself.

To help us appreciate ourselves and increase our self esteem think of, and write down all the things you like about yourself. This lifts our spirits and helps  to value ourselves.

5.List what you want to improve on.

Self love is also wanting to better ourselves and continue to grow.

Reading, learning new skills, exploring, all help us to grow into better versions of ourselves.

Learn to use your strengths to achieve your goals.

Work on things you feel less confident in.

Meditating and manifesting can also help us reach our life goals.

6.Good vibes only please.

With life’s daily demands and struggles, it is important to watch how you spend your energy. Also mind the energy you surround yourself with-

-Some people are just not a positive influence in your life.

Some may have no ambition, and  try to drag you back. Some are not happy for others’ progress or generally bring too much drama into your life.

Stay away from negativity, people and situations that drain you emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

Go for your goals.

Raise your vibrational levels and go for your heart’s desires.

7.Learn to say ‘no’.

Sometimes you want to make everybody happy and end up forgetting about yourself.

Be conscious of taking on too much and wearing yourself out.

Sometimes you simply have to turn down requests from others for your own mental and physical well-being.

Learning to say ‘no’ to requests that you know you are not able to manage or cope with, is very important.

8.Learn to relax

Resting, relaxing and recharging is just as important as being productive. Getting enough rest and relaxation  helps you to be more productive.

There are many ways to relax and destress such as going for walks, being in nature, listening to music, yoga , meditation (download your free guided meditation ).

Find what works for you, and keep doing it.

Keep improving, keep growing!

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