How To Be A Better Woman.

How Do You Become A Better Woman(A High Value Woman)?

Strength of character is something to be admired in any individual.

Having self-worth , high standards and standing by your values.

Working on becoming your best ‘you’ constantly.

High Value Woman knows these things, and who she is. 

Here are 7 of some of the characters of the High Value Woman.

1. She knows her worth.

A High Value Woman knows her worth. She sets high standards for herself and those around her. She will not settle for what goes against who she is. She treats people with respect and expects the same in return. She will not stand for maltreatment. Being alone is better than being in a bad relationship.

2.She has a plan and direction.

HVW knows what she wants in life and goes about putting a plan to  get it. She works hard towards her goals , instead of  wasting time waiting for it to happen.

3.She nourishes her body, mind and spirit.

HVW is not shallow. She enriches her body, mind and spirit by loving herself, feeding her mind positivity and removing negative influences and people from her life.

Read, explore, learn new things, look after yourself.

4.She’s feminine, yet strong.

Your femininity is a lot more powerful than you may realise.

It does not make you weak at all, men actually fall weak for a woman’s femininity. Embrace it,

enjoy it, flaunt it! 

Learn more about femininity and its role in healthy, happy relationships.

5.Her kindness does not make her weak.

A high value woman is kind and compassionate, yet strong.

Kindness is sometimes mistaken for weakness, the HVW will let you know if you get the two confused!

6.She takes control, not playing the victim.

When things are not going her way, rather than feeling sorry for herself for too long, or blaming others, the HVW will learn from mistakes and look for how to make things better.

7.She’s happy doing her thing but open to being in a relationship.

A high value woman has a life of her own, doing things that enrich her life. She is not sitting around waiting for a man to give her life meaning. She does this by herself. She is happy living her life but open to a worthy relationship.

Find the things that make you happy and do them! It could be going for long walks, drives, watching films (movies), playing a musical instrument, painting….learn to enjoy your own company.

Don’t wait to to validated by friends, outsiders, a relationship.

You validate yourself, by knowing your worth and living your life to the fullest.

8.(one extra!) She has her own mind and is not easily led.

This means knowing your values and being true to yourself. 

Yes, listen to advice or others’ opinions, but you must decide what sits well with  your inner self.  Don’t try to be a people pleaser.  

We have to continually work on ourselves to overcome some of life’s  bitter experiences. It’s all part of the learning and growth process. 

Choose to make things better for yourself. Ask for help from family, friends, and professionals if necessary.

Meditate, pray, practice positive thinking and personal growth and development. Read books that enrich your mind and increase your knowledge. Spend time in nature. Make time to relax and unwind.

Make the conscious effort to enhance your surroundings to make it mood-lifting  eg with flowers, beautiful paintings, pictures, ornaments, pictures of you happy.

 Recreate great memories.

 Practice gratitude.

Avoid negativity as much as possible. Find what works for you.

Choose to continually make yourself better and stronger.

Work on forgiveness(not always easy!), compassion, self love and esteem.

Be good to yourself, encourage yourself .Give yourself praise for any progress made-no matter how small.

Keep pushing forward! 

Learn everyday.

Live your best life!

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