Healing Quotes

Healing Quotes and Poems For Aching Hearts.

Life is a journey filled with joy and pain.

Relationships can bring us so much happiness, but also heartbreak.

My healing poems were written to soothe and comfort the broken hearted. 


You will pull through.

Love yourself a little harder.

Give yourself time.

Original poems by Bobi N.

You can download your free copy of my healing quotes and poems here.

Healing quotes Blue edition


Those that have the most love in their heart

Tend to give it to the least deserving who rip it apart.


Your love had me delirious

Floating high on pink clouds

Then you left me to freefall

O how hard I hit the ground

Broken bones, shattered heart, ripped, shredded skin

Near death, but the spirit within, and love for myself

Lets me know I will win.

Oh this loving heart 

how many times will you be broken?

Stay soft and giving, or protect yourself and harden?

But a heart was made for loving

Hide it from the thieves that take and leave you nothing?

Deny it its joy and freedom?

Wrap it in fear for longest time?

Now would that be the crime?

‘Cause this heart needs to throb, and just be.

To love is its purpose ultimately.



Life is a journey

A journey of growth,

self-development and discovery.

A deepening journey, 

questioning and searching for answers.

The journey brings us joy

It also brings us pain

With the joys, we laugh

With the pains, we grow.

We must dig deep 

to find the seed of strength within.

With the right thoughts, faith and hope..

that seed will push through and bud 

To become a towering flower of strength and wisdom.

O life,

I’m trying hard to understand thee.

I’ll give you faith, hope and patience.

Til one day you will finally make sense to me.


Hang on in there

You will get through this

Take it slowly, step by step

Day by day

Feed your mind with positive words and thoughts

Yes it’s hard..

Ask your Angel, God, the Universe, to help you

Whichever you choose.

Don’t blame yourself

Be kind to yourself

You are learning

You are growing

Just like a gaping wound needs time 

So does your heart.

Be patient

You WILL heal.

There is a seed of strength within

Dig deep and find it

Feed it positive thoughts and words of hope.

With constant nurturing

That seed eventually

Will blossom into 

a beautiful flower 

– a new YOU.

Wrap up your heart warm

Layer it with compassion, keep it giving.

Do not let it become frostbitten

With the harshness of life’s living.


You were born with a kind and giving heart

Hang on to this.

Don’t let the world turn you mean

Or you become like the rest of the loveless.


You fell in love, into a wonderful trance

Then so rudely awoken          

Jolted, shook, eyes forced open

Fog headed, stunned, need to stir

But wipe your eyes, 

Awake, shake off the haze

Stand on your feet

You will adjust ,ahead of you 

Lie wondrous days


You gave him your heart

He gave you words

Words with no sincerity

Now the truth is laid bare,you are no longer blind

You must pick yourself up

and march on, one step at a time.

I fell in love a caterpillar.


Life can make you bitter

But your TRIUMPH comes 

from staying and becoming 

the person

YOU want to be.

The power is in BEING 


and not the negative product of

others’ actions.

YOU are wonderful.

Stay wonderful.


Let those negative experiences 

make you greater

not bitter.


Thank you for the good times. They were amazing!

You’ve been a wonderful chapter in my life book.

But now I must close you. 

I’m grateful for the time and the lessons. 


Remember to be kind to yourself.

Give yourself time, as long as you need.

Some days will be harder than others but you Will heal

Feed your mind positivity and love yourself that little bit harder.

Have faith-

Better days lie ahead.

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