Father’s Day Message

That time of the year again- when you go all out to show your man how special he is to you and the kids , you and the dog, you and the rabbit whichever it may be!

He’s a dad and a damn good one! And even if he’s not that hands-on, we’re going to pretend , just for today!

So let’s celebrate the handy dads, the affectionate dads, the strict dads and even the lazy dads ,(be nice whichever!)

This year, 2023 Father’s Day falls on June 18th. It’s the same date both in the U.S. and in the UK (unlike Mother’s Day).

Below are some fun, loving and affectionate quotes to help you with celebrating your great man.

Father’s Day Quotes

Thank you for how hard you work for our family.

we appreciate you.


You are my sexy, hard-working husband and children’s wonderful father.

I couldn’t ask for more.


Had to slip this one in, sorry 🙂

That’s what you asked for right?!

Dad will never forget it!

And don’t forget ladies, no nagging today, laugh at his jokes no matter how bad, and let him put his feet up. If he’s lucky he might even get some ; )!


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