101 Dirty Quotes.

Add some naughtiness to your life with these dirty playful quotes.

Text these dirty quotes to your lover, leave a note in his pocket or whisper it in his ears, think he’ll like it!!

-Let’s misbehave.

-So erm….I wanna do ya!

-Let’s engage in some inappropriate activities.

-Let’s try something new, and nasty , tonight.

-You and I have an appointment tonight…get home early.

-I’ve got my heels on …waiting for you to get home.

-Honey, I’ve a a very long list of things to do- and you’re at the top of it.-

-We need to have a serious talk- take your clothes off.

-I got a new pair of shoes…wanna see them on your shoulders?

-You bring out the animal in me. Wanna get my claws into you.

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-Just off to fix my hair…. I’ll let you mess it up later.

-I’m your cream…whip me please.

-I wanna be your love slave, will you be mine?

-Can’t get enough of you.

-Are you free tonight? I’d like to tie you up.

-I want to have some arse-smacking time with you-tonight!

-How do you want me, face up or face down?

-Babe, I love your voice-especially when it’s moaning my name.

-Tomorrow, let’s have breakfast in bed. You can toss me like your pancake.


Talk dirty to him

-You love bread….I’m your dough. Kneeaad me baby.

-You’re my lollipop…you know the rest.

-I’m mad about you.

Let’s do some hardcore cuddling tonight.

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-Tonight I want to be your puppy. Stroke me up, stroke me down.

Let’s try something nasty tonight.

-Blowing YOUR mind is on MY mind.


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-Wanna make you moan

-Gonna make you say “uhhh”.

-“Turn around!”

-Come inside (it’s cold out)

-Baby, you’re orgasmic!

-Meet me in the elevator 6:30 🙂

-Wanna go up and down in the elevator with me?

Baby, you’re,… no sorry, you’ve GOT , the full package :).

-Oooo, that package be causing damage

-You’re hot AND you hit the spot.

-Your jokes have me laughing. Your strokes have me gasping.


-Your velvet voice gets me moist

-Good morning baby, I love it when it’s hard…..the boiled eggs. Thank you:).

-How many licks to my soft centre? Lets find out!

-You’re my honey, I’m your pot , come fill me with that sweetness you got.

-Slap my butt, I’m your thot.

-Let’s make art, stroke me with your brush

-I want to sway my hips to the beating of your drum.

-Gonna curl your toes tonight!

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