Can Self-Hypnosis Help With Negative Thinking?

How Does Hypnosis Help Eliminate Negative Thoughts?

First, what is self-hypnosis?

Hypnosis and self hypnosis has been around for many, many years, helping people take control of their lives. It is used to achieve many different goals and it all starts with creating the right mindset and overriding limiting beliefs.

Here are the number of ways self hypnosis can help us.

#1.Create Positive Thought Habits

Research has shown that positive thoughts lead to a better life. So developing a positive mindset is well worthwhile. But it’s not always so easy though.

That is where hypnosis plays a powerful role.

Hypnosis/self hypnosis  lets our brain bypass the conscious mind and gain direct access to the subconscious mind, making it far easier to insert new positive thoughts and ideas without the brain’s resistance.

#2.Enjoy Harmony and Peace of Mind.

Self hypnosis helps us to visualise soothing mental images and sounds helping us to trigger our relaxation response.

This allows our mind to breath and function at 100% and feel greater positive energy all round.

#3.Feel Excited for an Amazing Future.

Listening to these audio tracks can help us overcome stressful and difficult times in our lives , helping us to focus on a bright and happy future ahead.


#4.Train Your Brain for Happiness Long term.

Studies show that specific types of meditation helps the brain release feel good chemicals like serotonin which promotes happiness.

Guided meditation allows us to form new connections in the brain and cultivate a peaceful state of mind.

This way we automatically  fall into a state of energised calm bringing balance, optimism and joy into our lives.


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