100 Hot Love Messages For Him.

Send him some sexy love quotes or hot love messages throughout the day and get him hot and bothered. He’s sure to love it!

Let’s misbehave.


So erm….I wanna do ya!

Let’s engage in some inappropriate activities.

Let’s try something new, and nasty , tonight.

You and I have an appointment tonight…get home early.

I’ve got my heels on …waiting for you to get home.

Honey, I’ve a a very long list of things to do- and you’re at the top of it.

We need to have a serious talk. So take your clothes off.

I got a new pair of shoes…wanna see them on your shoulders?

You bring out the animal in me. Wanna get my claws into you.

Just off to fix my hair…. I’ll let you mess it up later.


I’m your cream…whip me please.

I wanna be your love slave, will you be mine?

Can’t get enough of you.

Are you free tonight? I’d like to tie you up.

I want to have some arse-smacking time with you-tonight!

How do you want me, face up or face down?

Babe, I love your voice-especially when it’s moaning my name.

Tomorrow, let’s have breakfast in bed. You can toss me like your pancake.

You love bread….I’m your dough. Kneeaad me baby.

You’re my lollipop…you know the rest.

I’m mad about you.

Let’s do some hardcore cuddling tonight.


Tonight I want to be your puppy. Stroke me up, stroke me down.

Let’s try something nasty tonight.

Blowing YOUR mind is on MY mind.

Wanna make you moan

Gonna make you say uhhh.

Making Love Quotes

My body longs for you.

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